Airbnb Barefoot Earthing Experience

Airbnb is now offering hosted Experiences and we have one just for you. Join us on a Barefoot Earthing Experience in the snow, guided by our very own Designer Sue Regan Kenney? You will receive Wild Acadian Chaga from Reach Yoga and anyone who signs up in the first 30 Days gets a FREE copy of the book: How to Wear Bare Feet! To find out more and check available dates click here.
What we’ll do
To start, we will meet indoors at the Information Centre where I’ll introduce the healing benefits of Earthing, barefooting, forest bathing and I will happily share stories from my Wim Hof Winter Expedition in Poland. You’ll be taught how to safely explore Mother Nature in all seasons while in your bare feet. We will enter the forest where you’ll be guided to do a short meditation to increase mindfulness while noticing the sensations we feel. You will be encouraged to have fun and try new things like touching the snow, mud, moss etc with your bare hands. Make snow angels, do face plants in the snow, mud pies and more. We will walk barefoot in the on the ground and try snow-bathing, mud mucking, stones, roots, moss, all in your bare feet. We’ll explore the sensation of cold/hot/warm and try Earthing too. We’ll stay barefoot for a safe period of time, dependant on the weather. Your safety is of utmost importance. We’ll take a break and have some Canadian Chaga Tea and a Cookie. INTRODUCTORY OFFER Receive a complimentary signed copy of my 3rd book: How to Wear Bare Feet. We will end back at the Information Centre where there are washrooms. Come and try it out!
“So nice to connect with you again Sue. Just loved the experience walking through the forest, enjoying the sunshine, the snow, the trees and the company! When we found the perfect spot to begin to connect to Mother Earth and be barefoot it was so Cool and you explained everything perfectly and I felt completely confident in your knowledge and guidance. Laughed so hard with my good friend Bari and you….had a fantastic couple of hours. Thank you.”

Read more reviews and book your experience now. If you can gather 4 people, I can set up a custom date and time on Airbnb for your group. PM me.

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Barebottoms are a true barefoot shoe. Did you know you can become more strong, flexible and balanced just by being barefoot? These barefoot shoes/sandals are a new concept in sole-less footwear for earthing, yoga, grounding and for barefooting outdoors. Sue Kenney, author of the best-selling book My Camino, is the designer and entrepreneur. Her business idea can be seen on the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den.

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