Airbnb Barefoot Earthing Experience

Airbnb is now offering hosted Experiences and we have one just for you. Join us on a Barefoot Earthing Experience in the snow, guided by our very own Designer Sue Regan Kenney? You will receive Wild Acadian Chaga from Reach Yoga and anyone who signs up in the first 30 Days gets a FREE copy [...]

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How to Wear Bare Feet

Feet are the foundation of our body. Our soles gift us with a direct connection to Earth's infinite healing powers; but when we wear shoes, they cut us off from nature, and impede proper foot function. Go bare! "Really enjoyed the read. Book was well thought out and flowed nicely, as usual... lots of knowledge and [...]

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All about Earthing

Discover the Benefits of Earthing & Grounding If you haven't heard about Earthing, here's an introduction. Whether you believe in the science they present or you have experienced the healing benefit of walking barefoot on the earth, it doesn't really matter. It's a natural way to help your body to heal itself. Read more here. [...]

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Barefoot Healing Workshop April 30

Imagine approaching anti-aging through the soles of your feet. Do you want to learn how barefooting can impact your health, posture, balance, and longevity. Join us at the Hive Centre April 30, 1016 with Sue Kenney, Author of best-selling book My Camino. Barefoot Healing Workshop  Did you know we have 7000 sensory nerve endings in the [...]

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Barefoot in the Cold

Do you know that you can bare your soles in all kinds of weather? Feel the terrain, notice the temperature, experience the world below your feet. Think of cold as a sensation rather than it being painful or uncomfortable. It's not good or bad. It just is. Now think about hot sand and remember it [...]

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Men’s Barebottoms

We hear from customer's all the time about how much they love their Barebottom shoes. We've posted one of them so you can read for yourself how much people love them. "I first came across Barebottom shoes about a month ago on the Internet. I ordered a pair because I was curious. My experience wearing [...]

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La Presse Newspaper article about Barebottom Shoes and Barefooting

La Presse newspaper in Montreal, Quebec published a wonderful article about Barebottom Shoes and barefooting. You can find the article on line at or read it here.

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