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Designer Sue Kenney on CBC’s Dragon’s Den!

Redefining Footwear with Barebottom Shoes

Sue Kenney’s Pilgrimage

Barebottom shoes on Stage

How to lace barebottom shoes

 The new Neoprene Barebottom shoe.

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Epoch Times – National

No Shoes? No Problem
BY Justina Reichel,
If you run into Sue Kenney on the street, chances are she won’t be wearing any shoes. Kenney is a proponent of the barefoot or … Read More

Orillia packet and Times

The Washago woman pitched her idea of soleless footwear to CBC’s Dragons’ Den and the show’s five high-profile, millionaire entrepreneurs Wednesday afternoon.

“I got to touch all their feet,” Kenney, 57, said Thursday. “I don’t know how many other pitchers can say they touched a dragon’s foot.” Read More

Barrie Examiner

Washago’s Sue Kenney couldn’t strike a deal with a dragon, but the airing of her pitch on Dragons’ Den is breathing fire into her business.

“The goal for me was to be on national TV and get the word out about my Barebottom shoes,” she posted on Facebook after the show’s airing.
Kenney could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Kenney, who knew the outcome of the deal since April, couldn’t divulge the details until the episode aired Wednesday on CBC.
Kenney watched the show at an airing party with about 100 friends at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. The episode will re-air Sunday at 9 p.m. and there will be another party at Brewery Bay Food Co. Sunday night in Orillia.
“I am proud to stand on my own two feet,” Kenney posted.
Kenney pitched her soleless shoes to the dragons looking for $80,000 for 20% of the company.

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