• Barebottom Shoes

    Going barefoot has been proven to improve alignment, strength, flexibility and balance. As we age, all of these areas become comprimised if we are wearing shoes all the time. By going barefoot some of the time you can improve the effectiveness of the proprioceptors that impact your entire body. Read more here. Barebottoms are hand-made, often by designer Sue Kenney or another cobbler. Shoe sizes are mentioned are Canada-US. The fabric is very stretchy yet snug so getting the right size for you is easy. They also offer the benefit of being a constant reminder to be aware and present of the ground you are on. Some people are worried that they might step on glass or something else. When you are barefoot there is more tendancy to scan the area that you are going to walk on. Black accessory straps are available to add extra style. They can be washed by hand with a mild soap. Sometimes people ask how long do they last? It really depends on how often you wear them. They can last years but if they are being worn for long periods of time on pavement, concrete or a rough surface the strap under the bottom of the shoe could get worn. We've released a new design called CitySoles that have a demi-sole in leather that covers the ball of the foot. If you want more protection for running/walking long distances or you are starting a barefoot lifestyle, these would be great.
  • Perfect for barefooting, earthing, SUP and everyday wear to strengthen your feet and build a stronger foundation for your body. Can be worn in the water. One size fits Size 5-9. Vegan-friendly and great for Earthing. Offers support around the arch. Looks like a shoe but there isn't a sole. They never wear out! Offer UV protection on the top of the foot. Black accessory straps extra. Hand wash with mild soap. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks. We use the postal service and therefore there is no tracking number.
  • Feedback from many first time barefooters has indicated most people are afraid of stepping on glass or something that could hurt them when they walk in the city. We understand completely and that's why we designed CitySoles™ by Barebottom Shoes. When we walk barefoot, we tend to land midfoot (on the ball) rather than on the heel like when we are wearing shoes. This is the area we want to protect if we are just starting to barefoot, at least until the feet are more used to various terrains. If  you are a barefoot runner, sometimes the soles of your feet get sore and need a break. CitySoles are perfect for that. Our new Barebottom Shoes are great for city walks, barefoot running, for yoga, dance and barefooting. It is the most minimalist shoe with a demi-sole made of leather so they offer some protection. Feel the ground below your feet and get all the benefits of a zero-drop barefoot shoe. Your toes and heels are bare and therefore the sensory proprioceptors are gathing information about the terrain and environment . And you still get all the effects of Earthing through a leather demi-sole. It's the perfect barefoot shoe. For dancers who want to feel the floor and yet do numberous spins, for yogis who want extra grip on the mat and for barefooting in the city, in the forest, at the park or the beach. You are connected to the Great Mother Earth all the time and reducing your footprint on this earth. Start your barefoot lifestyle with CitySoles. Available in Black Neoprene with Black leather -demi-sole. Note: US Shoe sizes. Please put your size and the width across the ball of your foot in the notes section. Women's Small - Size 7-9 Men's Small - Size 8-10 Men's Medium - Sice 10.5 to 12 Custom sizes can be ordered. Contact barebottomshoes@gmail.com.