New Book – How to Wear Bare Feet

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You are being invited to return to nature.
Feet are the foundation of our body. Our soles gift us with a direct connection to Earth’s infinite healing powers; but when we wear shoes, they cut us off and impede proper foot function.
Sue shares her re-wilding journey back to her authentic self by connecting my bare feet to the ground. Learn how you can tap into the intelligence in the soles of your feet for optimum health, anti-aging, earthing, better posture and some child-like fun in your life. Be inspired to integrate a barefooting practice in your life. You’ll better understand the benefits of earthing, how to enable more efficient movement of your body, engage an approach to anti-aging and improved posture, and you’ll return to a more natural state; the perfect antidote to civilization.


Mother Earth Activation
Each copy of How to Wear Barefeet has been taken to the forest in Muskoka, Canada to be blessed and activated by the Great Mother Earth. The books are carried to a sacred spot and placed on the ground, near the trees, mud, moss, rock, mushrooms and wild flowers to be offered as a healing text. During this time, the four corners are called in and then a gratitude ceremony follows with a smudge to clear the energy. Each book is then signed by Sue in her barefeet  and that complete’s the earths activation.
Sue is the author of the best-selling book My Camino about her journey walking 500 miles across the north of Spain. Having returned to the path numerous times she is seen as an expert Pilgrim who coaches and guides groups. An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker Sue has facilitated barefoot and Camino workshops worldwide. As the designer and founder of Barebottom Shoes, the first ever true sole-less footwear, she pitched her business idea on the renowned TV reality show Dragons’ Den. Sue’s barefoot lifestyle is centered at her lakeside cottage in Canada, and she can often be found walking, running, climbing trees or doing yoga in the forest. 
The book includes a ‘How To’ guide for starting a barefoot practice in your life. Since Sue has also walked the Camino numerous times alone and guiding groups, she’s included a Chapter on preparing for, and walking the Camino in your barefoot some of the time.
All books are signed by the Author. If you want it personally dedicated, please not the name in the remarks.

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