Barefoot Healing Workshop April 30

Imagine approaching anti-aging through the soles of your feet. Do you want to learn how barefooting can impact your health, posture, balance, and longevity.

Join us at the Hive Centre April 30, 1016 with Sue Kenney, Author of best-selling book My Camino.

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Did you know we have 7000 sensory nerve endings in the sole of each foot and they have a function that impacts your ability to heal naturally? In this interactive workshop we will focus on how to use barefooting as a natural way to impact anti-aging and health. You will learn about barefoot science and how it affects movement, posture and ultimately longevity. We will talk about how you can easily integrate a  barefoot practice  into your life, where to barefoot safely, and how often.

Do you remember the joy of barefooting as a child? At this workshop you will learn the benefits of integrating this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life.  You will gain an understanding about the importance of foot to core sequencing for a natural approach anti-aging that starts with your feet. And you’ll be given a program,  3 Natural Steps.  to help you to integrate a barefoot practice in your life to improve your posture, balance and strength.  Be ready to take off your shoes so you can personally experience earthing in the forest guided by Sue!


You will benefit from this workshop  through the knowledge and experience of the instructor, Sue Kenney who has been practising and training in the art of barefooting (walking and running) for over 4 years. She’ll teach you how to integrate 3 Natural Steps barefooting program into your life. You’ll learn how to barefoot, where to barefoot safely,  and how often you should do it.  Sue will also ease your mind of any fears around going barefoot and you will have a chance to take off your shoes and try it for yourself with her guidance. Book this event here.

Sues Bio

Sue Kenney is a key-note speaker and best selling author of the book, My Camino. She is the designer of Barebottom Shoes, the first ever sole-less shoe. It is her mission to inspire people to return  to nature for improved health, longevity and happiness.

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Barebottoms are a true barefoot shoe. Did you know you can become more strong, flexible and balanced just by being barefoot? These barefoot shoes/sandals are a new concept in sole-less footwear for earthing, yoga, grounding and for barefooting outdoors. Sue Kenney, author of the best-selling book My Camino, is the designer and entrepreneur. Her business idea can be seen on the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den.

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