Gwyneth Paltrow used Earthing to Help Cure Insomnia

Goop published an article on the health benefits of walking barefoot. It’s called Earthing.

When we wear shoes it cuts us off from the earth and all of it’s healing capabilities. Here is a quote from the article Goop published in April 2017, about how it helps cure insomnia and more.  Way to go Gwyneth Paltrow. We love you sole to soul.


Eathing barefoot in the sand.

“Earthing therapy rests on the intuitive assumption that connecting to the energy of the planet is healthy for our souls and bodies. And while there’s a definite, if New-Age, appeal to the concept of energetically connecting with Mother Earth, there’s also a more scientific angle to the practice, which posits that access to the abundant supply of free electrons in the (subtly negatively charged) ground can help neutralize free radicals—if only we would take off our shoes and access them. Several people in our community (including GP) swear by earthing—also called grounding—for everything from inflammation and arthritis to insomnia and depression. Below, longtime earthing-movement leader Clint Ober explains what earthing is, how it works, and—importantly—how to do it yourself.

The earth has an infinite supply of free electrons, so when a person is grounded, those electrons naturally flow between the earth and the body, reducing free radicals and eliminating any static electrical charge. The reason grounding is so powerful is it reduces and prevents inflammation from occurring in the body, which in turn prevents inflammation-related health disorders.”

Read the rest of the Goop article here:

We’ve been sharing the health benefits of walking barefoot at Barebottom Shoes for years and it’s the reason our designer and founder Sue Kenney designed barefoot shoes. We live in a society that often judges people based on what they wear on their feet. At Barebottoms we are redefining Primal footwear to offer footwear that supports taking the first step to going barefoot in public. We have designed a shoe without a sole that allow your bare soles to gather negatively charged electrons that help heal your body and mind. And on top of that, you can get into stores and restaurants without a hassle.

Happy Barefooting, sole to soul.


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Barebottoms are a true barefoot shoe. Did you know you can become more strong, flexible and balanced just by being barefoot? These barefoot shoes/sandals are a new concept in sole-less footwear for earthing, yoga, grounding and for barefooting outdoors. Sue Kenney, author of the best-selling book My Camino, is the designer and entrepreneur. Her business idea can be seen on the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den.

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