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Camino Pilgrims! Here’s a simple 30 Day Challenge anyone can do to get your feet ready to walk the Camino!

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How Walking Barefoot Affects Your Brain-Body Connection

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Dr. Houston Anderson I love functional medicine. I love physical medicine. The problem is that I rarely find a practitioner that combines the two. My focus is just that combining the best of both worlds.
■ January 27, 2016 2:59 PM

Rarely do people walk barefoot anymore. I often hear people say that they walk barefoot all the time at home, but I am talking about walking barefoot outside, climbing on rocks and trees, stepping on uneven surfaces and even running or hiking without shoes. Footwear and growing foot problems

Unfortunately we protect our feet so much from the world we live in that our feet provide very little information to our brains and you may feel more “unstable” without supportive shoes on. The use of orthotics has skyrocketed, but unless you were born with a malformation, you probably developed your foot problems over time. Babies clothed in the newest Nikes or other popular brand are definitely cute but at that early age in life, shoes already start to alter the receptors in the feet and alter biomechanics like your stride or gait.

Training Your Feet

The first step to training your feet to return to their natural healthy status is to introduce them to the natural …Read more

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Barebottoms are a true barefoot shoe. Did you know you can become more strong, flexible and balanced just by being barefoot? These barefoot shoes/sandals are a new concept in sole-less footwear for earthing, yoga, grounding and for barefooting outdoors. Sue Kenney, author of the best-selling book My Camino, is the designer and entrepreneur. Her business idea can be seen on the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den.

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